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Olga Boznanska- virtuosity painter. The pictures formed in the density of dark colours.

Country: Poland
Century: 1800 - The 19th Century
Topic: Olga Boznanska- virtuosity painter. The pictures formed in the density of dark colours.
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Name of Author(s): Irena Kossowska
Name of Producer: Net periodic: “”
Language/s of Product: Polish
Target Group: General audience
Overall Evaluation: excellent
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Aspects to consider:
- The students catch the idea of the colours’ measures adjusted to the specified artistic effects
- The students may consciously follow the artistic instruments according the style observed, its tension and the bound, synergic effects
- The styles of portraits’ performance, the relations between the expression and the mediums, coherent interpretations and conclusions
- Possibility of constructing a relevant picture ‘s artistic formation and the more evident features grounded in its structure
Description of contents:
Olga Boznanska- the most eminent female painter of the Polish Modernism, also known as the “Young Poland” epoch.
She was a member of the Society of the Polish Artists “Art”, Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts and the Polish Literature& Art Society in Paris, also the International Society of Sculptors, Engravers and Painters in London.
She presented her works in London, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin, U.S.A., etc.
She won such prizes as the Grand Prix in Paris Expo, or the French Legion of Honour.
She was close to very refined esthetical pictures of the temporary life by James Whistler and to the loose way of painting characteristic for the artists situated at the border between Realism and Impressionism.
The tone of her palette was limited to the dark colours represented by green, brown, grey and black, whereas the counter point was set up within the accents of white and rose.
The repertoire of the artist entailed still lives, studies of the chambers’ insides, sometimes the countryside scenes, however her domain remaining was portrait.
In her pictures, the artist concentrated on the model’s face, showing off especially the main side of her personage, attitude, the compound result being the atmosphere of the moment of reception and the personal features of a character would compose the whole of the stage.
Her big part of attention was bound to the postures’ shapes of hands.
The vibration of the colours made the picture’s paint covering was remarkably dense, and in keeping with this the imagined space seemed to be plain and integrally bound to the models’ attributes.
The characters seem to explore their own presence in silence and freezing, the flowers are found to be alive in a half way, demonstrating their participation as typical of the direct compliment of the focused character.
The characters in connection with their chambers display the intimated atmosphere. The overtones of melancholy and tension is supported by a narrow scale of brown and grey- related colours, revived by means of the patches of white and carmine. Those tendencies are widely observed e.g. in her self portraits.
The characteristic portrait as regards the above observations- demonstrating the artistic considerations and the mediums in synergy manifested by Boznanska is the portrait of the girl with chrysantems, sometimes that motive appears in the poetry, sentimental songs, putting forward the aura of slobbering melancholy.

Evaluation and Comments:
Overall Evaluation: excellent
Clarity of structure, logical sequence of contents: excellent
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The website is interesting / stimulating: excellent
Educational and learning value: excellent
Quality and relevancy of content: excellent
Compatibility of the content with the target group: excellent
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Description of how the website can be used with the students::
- The website demonstrate the genesis of the styles related, the artist’s background and borrowings.
- Students grasp the painter’s ideas in the aspects of colours’ intensiveness, overtones, manifested counter points and the mediums’ artistically elaborated service.
Evaluation Date: 01.09.2008.
Name of teacher: Antoni Woźniak
Name of School: LO number 3
Country: Poland
Subjects Taught: Fine Arts

Comments about this product

Date: 2009.05.29

Posted by Teodora Zeia, National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov"-Varna, Bulgaria

Message: The summary of Olga Boznańska’s artistic biography at is comprehensive, her teachers are mentioned, as well as the awards she won, there is also a brief description of her technique. The only “inconvenience” (in case the article is used to introduce her artwork to students) is that the wonderful reproductions are present only in the Polish version of the text.

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