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Country: Italy
Century: 1600 - The 17th Century
Topic: caravaggio
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Name of Author(s): Roberto Marini, Gabriella Gallerani
Name of Producer: Bruno Balestrini, Frida De Salve
Language/s of Product: italiano
Target Group: studentyi di scuole superiori
Website last update: 2008
Overall Evaluation: excellent
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Overall Evaluation: excellent
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The website is interesting / stimulating: excellent
Educational and learning value: excellent
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Apprendimento di gruppo e autonomo.
Usando il motore di ricerca puoi trovare immagini corrispondenti alle condizioni date. Completando questa ricerca, puoi cercare gli artisti, soddisfacendo certe condizioni e puoi creare varie liste di quest' ultimi. Le liste piĆ¹ semplici possono essere ottenute cliccando una delle lettere sotto risultano in una lista in ordine alfabetico di tutti gli artisti nella collezione iniziale.

Comments about this product

Date: 2009.09.18

Posted by Marta Kaminska,POLAND

Message: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio-
Italian painter who was performing in the years 1593- 1610 in Rome. The pictures by Cavaraggio are the synthesis of the physical form and psychological contents.
His style was the pattern for the painters representing the epoch of the Baroque. His mastery provides the teachers with a possibility of introducing the characteristic features of the Baroque. The below indicated site indicates the affluent information referring to the artist and his many works:

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