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Art Sources Review

Title of Product:

National Portrait Gallery: search the collection: Nicholas Hilliard

Country: United Kingdom
Century: 1500 - The 16th Century
Topic: Nicholas Hilliard
Image of the product:

Name of Author(s): National Portrait Gallery
Name of Producer: National Portrait Gallery
Language/s of Product: English
Target Group: General public, teachers, students 11+
Overall Evaluation: excellent
Objectives & Structure:
The intention of the site is to offer thumbnail images of all Nicholas Hilliard’s work, or work attributed to him, in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.
Each thumbnail photograph has a basic title showing name of artist, name of sitter, date, size and materials used, and where in the collection the work can be found.
Description of contents:
There are 32 portraits shown which are by or associated with Nicholas Hilliard.
Each small image is expandable and has a text with more about the sitter, information about publications and linked themes.
These include miniatures, textiles, furniture, hats, jewellery etc and will lead the researcher to other examples of portraits with some of these features.
Evaluation and Comments:
Overall Evaluation: excellent
Clarity of structure, logical sequence of contents: excellent
Usability / easiness of navigation: excellent
The website is interesting / stimulating: excellent
Educational and learning value: excellent
Quality and relevancy of content: excellent
Compatibility of the content with the target group: excellent
Suitability and quality of graphic interface: excellent
Degree and quality of interaction: excellent
Possibility of printing/saving material or tests: good
Description of how the website can be used with the students::
The site would be an excellent introduction for students to explore and discuss Nicholas Hilliard’s work and place it in the context of other portraits produced at the same time, other images of the same sitter, other ways in which props have been used by other artists etc.
An essential introductory site for teachers or students.
Evaluation Date: 30.06.08
Name of teacher: Stef Gabrysch
Name of School: Queen Elizabeth School
Country: UK
Subjects Taught: Art

Comments about this product

Date: 2009.02.09

Posted by Valeria Bianchini

Message: Thank you for suggesting this web site. I like Hilliard because I like miniature painting. I find beautiful his portraits of Elizabeth first. The colours are very bright and the dresses and decoration are painted with every details as in the manierism style. This web site source can also be used for teaching history of England in the Elizabethian period. Students like to see the faces and dresses of the historical characters they study.
It is intresting also to see that this artist is so different from the artists we had in the same period in Italy.

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