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Art Sources Review

Title of Product:

Giovanni Fattori, Museo civico

Country: Italy
Century: 1900 - The 20th Century
Topic: Fattori
Image of the product:

Name of Author(s): Alessio Bonatti e Matteo Mannucci
Name of Producer: Museo Civico di livorno
Language/s of Product: Italiano
Target Group: A pertire dalla Scuola superiore, 15 anni
Overall Evaluation: excellent
Availability of community:
visita virtuale
Objectives & Structure:
Apprendimento della vita e delle opere d' arte solamente di Giovanni Fattori.
Description of contents:
Il sito è specificatamente su Giovanni Fattori, vita e opere.
Puoi visitarli virtualmente.
Evaluation and Comments:
Overall Evaluation: excellent
Clarity of structure, logical sequence of contents: excellent
Usability / easiness of navigation: excellent
The website is interesting / stimulating: excellent
Educational and learning value: good
Quality and relevancy of content: good
Compatibility of the content with the target group: excellent
Suitability and quality of graphic interface: good
Degree and quality of interaction: good
Exploitation of the electronic potential: good
Availability and quality of simulation exercises: good
Quality of the evaluation tools: good
Possibility of printing/saving material or tests: excellent
Description of how the website can be used with the students::
Potrebbe essere usato per scopi informativi, con l' integrazione di lezione teoriche e laboratori.
Evaluation Date: 20 - 05 – 2008
Name of teacher: Jelo Giuseppe
Name of School: Liceo Artistico Statale Caravaggio, Milano
Country: italia
Subjects Taught: Discipline pittoriche- educazione visiva

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