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Relicts of the 1st God’s Grave’s Church from 1st half of XIII century in Miechow

Country: Poland
Century: 1200 - The 13th Century
Topic: Relicts of the 1st God’s Grave’s Church from 1st half of XIII century in Miechow
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Name of Author(s): Malgorzata Fugiel-Kuzminska
Name of Producer: Net periodic: “”
Language/s of Product: Polish
Target Group: General audience
Overall Evaluation: excellent
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Objectives & Structure:
Aspects to consider:
- Introducing the fundamental images of relative construction
- Aesthetical feelings, architectural geometry’s understanding
- Architecture of basilica, the boundaries of smart insight as regards the referred architecture
- A constructive background of the ideal composition may be trained by the students
Description of contents:
The Basilica of the God’s Grave owes its present shape to the reconstruction taking place since XIV to XVII century. From outside, the church looks rather quite eccentric and eclectic The attention is drawn by the solid tower ended by a peculiar helmet. Here, we find the elements of the bricked Roman Style arcade frise- after the source epoch. Generally speaking, the most often visible style is Baroque here, and its interior is kept in a caramel- pink colours. The Roman Style’s relicts are found in the western part (XII, XIII century) - that is the fragment of the Roman Style wall with an alcove and the reconstructed small rozeta (oculum). Below, there appears a fragment of a fresco with a scene of the Crucifixion.

Evaluation and Comments:
Overall Evaluation: excellent
Clarity of structure, logical sequence of contents: excellent
Usability / easiness of navigation: excellent
The website is interesting / stimulating: excellent
Educational and learning value: excellent
Quality and relevancy of content: excellent
Compatibility of the content with the target group: excellent
Suitability and quality of graphic interface: excellent
Degree and quality of interaction: excellent
Exploitation of the electronic potential: excellent
Availability and quality of simulation exercises: excellent
Quality of the evaluation tools: excellent
Possibility of printing/saving material or tests: excellent
Description of how the website can be used with the students::
- The website demonstrates the families of relative forms in architectures and it is full of the inspiring architectural ideas.
- Students improve their artistic intuition which is supported by numerous examples of the deeply rooted glory and emphasis in architecture.
Evaluation Date: 01.09.2008.
Name of teacher: Michał Seroczyński
Name of School: CKU Sopot
Country: Poland
Subjects Taught: Fine Arts

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