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Art Sources Review

Title of Product:

Caspar David Friedrich and Greifswald

Country: Germany
Century: 1800 - The 19th Century
Topic: Caspar David Friedrich
Image of the product:

Name of Author(s): Andreas Reuter
Language/s of Product: German
Target Group: every age and every purpose, but not necessarily teaching. It is an informative but not didactic material, therefore it will not be evaluated by such "hard" criteria as didactic structure, interactivity and so on.
Objectives & Structure:
linear structured website covering the most important data about life and work of the artist.
Included you find a link to slideshow of his artwork and its connection to the city of Greifswald
Description of contents:
This website is made for informative puposes, not for teaching. Though it provides a short overview of C.D. Friedrich and his work, his life and the city of Greifswald where he lived and worked.
Knowing that his kind of painting was deepling impressed by the surrounding nature, light and phenomena of both this source helps to understand why his artwork always shows some kind of metaphysical presence and sadness.
Evaluation and Comments:
Overall Evaluation: good
Description of how the website can be used with the students::
just to give an overview over the topic
Evaluation Date: 2.12.2008
Name of teacher: DJF
Name of School: CER
Country: Germany

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