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Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents

Country: Bulgaria
Century: 1000 - The 11th Century
Topic: Byzantine art
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Name of Author(s): Translator: Robert Jordan Edition employed: Paul Gautier, “Le typikon du sébaste Grégoire Pakourianos,” REB 42 (1984), 5–145, at 19–133.
Name of Producer: Manuscript: Chios Koraes 1598 (13th c.) Publisher of translation: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection Washington, D.C.
Language/s of Product: English /Other translations: French, by Gautier, “Pakourianos,” 18–132; Russian, by V. A. Arutyunova- Fidanyan, Typik Gregoriya Pakuriana (Yerevan, 1978), pp. 68–121, with commentary, pp. 122– 235; modern Georgian, by Simon Kaou
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Target Group: Teachers
Overall Evaluation: good
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Objectives & Structure:
This article gives a very detailed presentation of the architecture and every day life in Byzantine monasteries. This section, which is dedicated to the Bachkovo monastery gives details about the ossuary /architectural background/, but also gives information about all other issues, which presupposed and oriented the artistic and architectural developments of that period.
The user to which this article would be of greatest interest and usefulness is the teacher – in art, art-history, history.

A personalized training course may be structured on the basis of the material presented within this article. The visual materials will have to be additionally provided though.
Description of contents:
-career of the founder
-later history of the foundation, including era of Georgian administration, era of Bulgarian administration, fate of Typikon and the Foundation
-architectural evidence, including the Bachkovo Kostnica /ossuary/, the plan of the original Katholikon
-analysis, which includes: model for the typikon, lives of the monks, constitutional matters, financial matters, overall philosophy, external relations
Evaluation and Comments:
Overall Evaluation: good
Clarity of structure, logical sequence of contents: good
Usability / easiness of navigation: fair
The website is interesting / stimulating: fair
Educational and learning value: excellent
Quality and relevancy of content: good
Compatibility of the content with the target group: fair
Suitability and quality of graphic interface: excellent
Degree and quality of interaction: poor
Availability and quality of simulation exercises: poor
Quality of the evaluation tools: poor
Possibility of printing/saving material or tests: excellent
How the product could be improved?: This product can hardly be improved. It should simply be “processed” by the teachers in order to be integrated in a teaching course on the subject. The material cannot be used independently by the students.
Description of how the website can be used with the students::
This online article is not suitable for direct use by students. Its contents can be used by the teachers for preparation of further training materials on the subject. The material should be supported by visualizations, which are entirely missing in this particular document.
Contents processing might take substantial time, however, the material holds some very interesting pieces of information, which may be used for raising the interest of the students and getting them intrigued both in the arts and lifestyle of the monks of that period.
Evaluation Date: 14 May 2008
Name of teacher: Elena Marinova Haralambieva
Name of School: 106 school «Grigorii Tzamblak»
Country: Bulgaria
Subjects Taught: fine arts

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