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From this page you can access to the list of the most representatives artists and artworks in each of the last ten centuries in the European countries involved in the Michelangelo project.
Century Country Artist/ArtWork
1000 [BG] Bulgaria Saint Mother of God Petrichka Monastery Frescos
1100 [BG] Bulgaria Frescos of the Ivanovo Rock-hewn Churches
1200 [BG] Bulgaria Boyana Church
1300 [BG] Bulgaria Bulgarian transcript of the Manasses Chronicl
1400 [BG] Bulgaria Church at the Kremikovtsi Monastery and its Portraits
1500 [BG] Bulgaria Saint Stephan Church in Nessebar
1600 [BG] Bulgaria Frescos of the monastery Saint Nicholas
1700 [BG] Bulgaria Papa Vitan the Elder and Papa Vitan Junior
1800 [BG] Bulgaria Zahari Zograf
1900 [BG] Bulgaria Vladimir Dimitrov
Century Country Artist/ArtWork
1000 [DE] Germany St. Michael of Hildesheim
1100 [DE] Germany Brunswick Lion
1200 [DE] Germany Cathedral of Cologne, The Gargoyles
1300 [DE] Germany Freiburger Cathedral Glass Windows
1400 [DE] Germany Albrecht Dürer - His Life and Work
1500 [DE] Germany Matthias Grunewald
1600 [DE] Germany Maria Sibylla Merian
1700 [DE] Germany Johann Balthasar Neumann
1800 [DE] Germany Caspar David Friedrich
1900 [DE] Germany Jörg Immendorff
Century Country Artist/ArtWork
1000 [IT] Italy Dome of Modena
1100 [IT] Italy Cefalù Cathedral
1200 [IT] Italy Giovanni Pisano
1300 [IT] Italy Giotto da Bondone, Cappella degli Scrovegni, Padova
1400 [IT] Italy Piero Della Francesca
1500 [IT] Italy Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raffaello Sanzio, A Comparison
1600 [IT] Italy Caravaggio
1600 [IT] Italy Francesco Borromini
1700 [IT] Italy Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
1800 [IT] Italy Giovanni Fattori
1900 [IT] Italy Umberto Boccioni
Century Country Artist/ArtWork
1000 [PL] Poland Round Building of St Nicholas In Cieszyn
1100 [PL] Poland The Gniezno Door
1200 [PL] Poland Trzebnica Church
1300 [PL] Poland The castle in Malbork
1400 [PL] Poland Wit Stwosz
1500 [PL] Poland Stanislaw Samostrzelnik
1600 [PL] Poland The Palace of Wilanow
1700 [PL] Poland Jan Piotr Norblin
1800 [PL] Poland Jan Matejko
1900 [PL] Poland Magdalena Abakanowicz
United Kingdom
Century Country Artist/ArtWork
1000 [UK] United Kingdom Bayeux Tapestry
1100 [UK] United Kingdom Durham Cathedral
1200 [UK] United Kingdom Matthew Paris
1300 [UK] United Kingdom Luttrell Psalter
1400 [UK] United Kingdom William Caxton
1500 [UK] United Kingdom Nicholas Hilliard
1600 [UK] United Kingdom William Dobson and John Michael Wright
1700 [UK] United Kingdom William Hogarth
1800 [UK] United Kingdom John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner
1900 [UK] United Kingdom Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth

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