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26th of September 2009

Michelangelo Final Conference

The Michelangelo Final Conference took place in Florence (IT) on September 26th. The conference venue was the Conference Room of the Mirage Hotel, Firenze (IT). During the Conference each partner presented the activities carried out during the two years of the project. The teachers from the schools involved in each country presented their experience. 50 delegates from 9 different European countries attended the conference.

25th of August 2009

Preparation of the Final Conference

On the 26th of September the Final Conference of the Michelangelo project will be organize in Florence. The Conference is addressed to secondary school art teachers.

24th of July 2009

Publication of the Manual of Fine Arts in Europe

The fine Arts in Europe Manual is currently being printed in 500 copies. It contains the analysis of fine arts in 15 different European countries. The Manual will be distributed to art teachers in each of the 5 project partner countries.

16th of June 2009

Written Analysis of the Online Courses

The teachers are making comments focusing on a comparative analysis of European fine arts. Each online course is integrated with comment which contribute to further create contents.

5th of May 2009

Analysis of the Michelangelo Database

The involved teachers are making comments on the databases dedicated to Art Sources and to Artists and Artworks on this portal. In this way the teachers provide feedback to the material developed by their colleagues.

29th of April 2009

Virtual Meeting on Italian Arts

Today the third teachers’ meeting in videoconference took place at distance. In each country the project partner acted again as school coordinator and supported the teachers in case they need translation.The University of Fine Arts of Brera (IT) acted as meeting moderator. The objective of the third distance meeting was the discussion the contents of the course on Italian fine art analyzed during the month of April. The Italian partner answered in the best way all the interesting questions about the course made by the 26 participating European teachers.

27th of March 2009

Virtual Meeting on UK Arts

The involved teachers and project partners attended the second teachers’ meeting videoconference. Mr Mark Haywood (UK) acted as meeting moderator. The objective of the second distance meeting was the discussion the contents of the course on UK fine art analyzed during the month of March. The 22 participating teachers shared their opinions and the UK partner answered the many questions addressed to him by the teachers.

2nd March 2009

English Arts is the subject of the Course of the Month

March is dedicated to the analysis of the on line course on English Arts. The course was developed by the University of Cumbria (UK). The art teachers involved in the five project partner countries, are examining the course contents with their students and are providing feedback and contributions on the space available for that at the bottom of the English on line course.

27th February 2009

Virtual Meeting on Bulgarian Arts

Today a distance meeting on Bulgarian Arts was held in video conference. Zinev Art Technologies (BG), the Bulgarian Art course’s authors, was the coordinator of the distance meeting. 18 teachers in the 5 partner countries, as well as some of their students, attended the distance meeting in videoconference.

10th February 2009

Fourth Partners Meeting

The fourth project meeting took place in Landau (DE) at ZEPF Center for Educational Research, University of Koblenz-Landau (DE), on the 5th and 6th February. The partners analyzed the activities carried out, the results achieved and the material produced. Among the objectives of the partners' meeting there was the planning of the delivery of the online course to secondary school teachers.

2nd February 2009

Bulgarian Arts is the subject of the Course of the Month

February is dedicated to the analysis of the on line course on Bulgarian Arts. All art teachers involved in the 5 project partner countries are examining the course contents with their students. They are also writing their contributions and comments, according to a ‘wiki’ approach on the space available for that at the bottom of the Bulgarian on line course. On the 27th February at 11.00 a.m. CET, a distance meeting between the teachers and students involved in the 5 partner countries will be held in video conference. Zinev Art Technologies (BG), the course’s authors, will moderate the distance meeting.

15th January 2009

On Line Courses now Available

The final version of the contents of the on line courses on European fine arts have been uploaded on the portal. It is now possible for the interested teachers to enroll in the course on line. In order to do so the teachers should contact their national coordination. The list of national coordinators is available under the Members – Partners section of the portal.

18th December 2008

Third Partners Meeting

The third project meeting took place in at distance, via videoconference, on the 17th of December. The purpose of the meeting was to test distance meeting software to be eventually used with the teachers and to discuss on the contents of the online courses developed so far as well as make plans for the distance teachers training.

5th November 2008

Plans for the Teachers Virtual Meetings

The project partnership is now trying to identify common dates to organize the teachers transnational virtual meetings. The project partners are also making proposals for a suitable software to be used for these meetings. All proposals are being made via the project forum.

11th October 2008

Feedbacks on the Training Courses

The project partners are now sharing their views and providing each other with feedbacks on the draft material for the training courses each of them produced. This is taking place on line on the project forum.

9th September 2008

Creation of the training courses

The project partners are currently working for the creation of the online training courses about national art including the selected artists and artworks. A total of 6 online training courses will be therefore produced. The theme of the online training courses has been chosen by the partner institutions and is being developed according to a common electronic format.

26th July 2008

Research on National Fine Arts

The secondary schools, coordinated by the partner organizations, uploaded on the Michelangelo portal the results of a detailed reseach activity carried out on the national artists and artworks. The research carried out produced a contextualisation of the artists and art works in the historical framework, the interpretation of the artistic work and the collection of relevant documents related to the selected masterpieces.The presentation of this research work is now available under the "Artists and Artworks section".

22nd June 2008

2nd partners meeting in Carlisle

The 2nd partners meeting took place in Carlisle (UK), on the 19th & 20th June, 2008. The partners presented a detailed description of the project activities carried out and of the objectives achieved. The Michelangelo portal was presented and its features illustrated to the partners. During the meeting the future work packages were explained in details and a working plan established. The meeting was also an opportunity for the partnership to exchange views and experiences on art teaching strategies.

18th May 2008

Reviewing web based material on Fine Arts

The schools coordinated by the project partners are currently selecting and reviewing relevant web based material for the teaching of national arts. The are now about 80 reviews of web based material for art teaching available on the Michelangelo Portal.

10th April 2008

Dissemination Initiatives

The Bulgarian partner, Zinev Art Technologies, participated in an important school conference organized by the City of Yambol. Several Bulgarian schools were involved in the event as were the local media. Zinev Art Technologies presented the Michelangelo project, its on going activities and in progress results to the audience. A lot of interest was expressed for the project.

18th March 2008

Selection of National Artists and Artworks

The project partners are currently making a research on the most representative national artists or artworks at national level in the last 10 centuries. The lists of the Italian, English, German and Bulgarian artists are now available on the project portal.

20th February 2008

Involvement of Schools

Each partner carried out an activity of promotion of the project with the national schools. So far, eight Bulgarian schools, five Italian schools and five German schools were officially involved in the project. The deadline for the identification of the schools for all partners is the end of this month.

17th-18th January 2008

Michelangelo Kick Off Meeting

The Kick Off meeting took place in Florence, on the 11th & 12th December, 2006. Elisabetta Delle Donne, the project coordinator, presented the partners with a detailed description of the project and the activities that would be carried out. The meeting was also an opportunity for the partners to get to know each other and to discuss all details related to the project activities. At the end of the meeting all the partners had a clear view of the project and its development.

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