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Europe has a very important Cultural Heritage and has most of the important and well known fine arts of the world. While the national artistic assets of some European countries are well known all over the world, the artistic heritage of other countries is less known.

There is a need to promote the knowledge of all the European fine arts.
The objective of the project is to promote the knowledge of the European fine arts. The focus is both on countries which are already well known for their artistic heritage and countries whose heritage is less known.

In order to reach this objective the project develops and maintains an internet portal on European fine arts. The internet portal presents the most representative artists and artworks of the last 10 centuries from the European countries involved in the project. The portal, named the Michelangelo Portal, therefore provides the opportunity to all art students, teachers, artists and European citizens to discover the beautiful European artistic heritage also beyond the most known artworks.
Target Groups
The Michelangelo project is addressed to art teachers and students in European secondary schools who need to acquire the knowledge of the most representative artists of the last 10 centuries in Europe, also including artists from countries whose artistic heritage is less known.
Project Activities

The project activities are organized in the following main work packages:

WP 1 - Creation of a Network of Schools

  • Involvement of 5 schools in each partner country.

Expected Result: Involvement of 25 schools at transnational level

WP 2 - Research on National Artists and Artworks

  • Identification of the 10 most representative artists and/or artworks in each of the partner countries. At least one artist/artwork is identified for each century between the 10th and the 20th
  • Research and analysis on the selected artists/artworks.

Expected Result: Availability on the Michelangelo portal of an analysis of the main artists/artworks for each participating country. The list will be searchable both via country criteria and by historical period criteria.

WP 3 - Creation of Database of Material for Art Teaching

  • Collection, review and evaluation of web based art teaching material focusing on the identified artworks/artists in the partner countries.

Expected Result: Database of sources for the teaching of the identified artists / artworks.

WP 4 - Creation of the educational package

  • Production, in each of the participating countries, of an educational package on the national fine arts.

Expected Result: Educational packages on the national fine arts available on line on the Michelangelo portal.

WP 5 - Development of the Michelangelo Portal

  • Creation and update of the Michelangelo Internet portal.

Expected Result: Online availability of the Michelangelo portal, where it is possible to carry out a search of the European artists and artworks according either to a national criteria and/or to historical period criteria.

WP 6 - Teacher Training

  • Organization of teachers workshops using the developed educational package.

Expected Result: Joint analysis of the European fine arts of the 10 last centuries in the European countries involved.

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