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1200 - The 13th Century

The thirteenth century or ‘High Middle Ages’ saw a more learned and less superstitious Europe a radical change in technologies such as the first European paper mill in Italy and the developing Gothic architecture spread through Europe and was to remain a popular style until the 1500s producing a great number of Europe’s early castles and cathedrals. At the end of the century the remaining crusader states were evacuated. By the late thirteenth century Latin translations of most important classical texts were available to European scholars heightening the thirst for learning and the forming the foundations of Scholasticism.


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Century Country Artist/ArtWork
1200 [BG] Bulgaria Boyana Church
1200 [DE] Germany Cathedral of Cologne, The Gargoyles
1200 [IT] Italy Giovanni Pisano
1200 [UK] United Kingdom Matthew Paris
1200 [PL] Poland Trzebnica Church

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